Advisor Resources

WELCOME… This page provides general information for Georgia DECA Advisors and will be the primary communication channel for the new school year. We will supplement it with occasional e-mails which have important updates and/or need immediate action.


FACEBOOK - Georgia DECA Fdn    TWITTER - @GeorgiaDECAFoun
LINKED-IN- Georgia DECA Foundation   INSTAGRAM - GADECAFoundation

DONATE -- May be made using “Donate” button (above) or Part of MembershIp Campaign and Slot Allocation Program for State Conference– Each Chapter encouraged to make minimum $30 donation… Plus $30 per advisor donation encouraged… Earn slots- TWO per $30 donation.

Invoices created upon request plus any questions... [email protected]

AMAZON AND EBAY Home Page Links… Please share and promote Georgia DECA Foundation as supplemental giving when make purchases on each. They each share a portion of purchases when designating Georgia DECA Foundation as charity of choice… Participation by students, Moms and dads, grandparents, and family and friends will add up quickly to the benefit of students.

AMAZON ACCOUNT HOLDERS… Log in to and insert your email and password. You will be taken to page to designate your charity of choice. Type in Georgia DECA Foundation and it is attached to your Amazon account and a portion of every purchase thereafter, is donated to us. But you must remember to use this site on every log-in.

FOUNDATION FUNDRAISING EVENTS… One day Chapter Events benefitting the Foundation are encouraged… have students come up with ideas and make it happen. Every dollar collected is distributed back to chapters and students. Try a chapter Facebook fundraiser over Holidays. We had our first successful one this past season, so we know it works.

CHAPTER REFERRAL PROGRAM… Demand for parent support is always great but you should be aware of our Corporate Referral Program for Chapters. Some parents and other personal contacts may be in positions where they may consider a Foundation Donation or Sponsorship. Register that someone to me by e-mail and we will follow up with them. For any corporate donation originated through a referral, the Foundation will remit any balance after deducting fee expenses, minimally $500, to the chapter. Every dollar counts and an e-mail or call starts the process.

Share FOUNDATION BROCHURE- LINK-UPPER RIGHT with business executives/owners and others who may donate to the Foundation or use as handouts at events.

Please contact Bob at any time with questions… He is available for limited chapter visits upon request