Who Is the Georgia DECA Foundation?

The Georgia DECA membership roll this year is 12692. Considering one’s personal contacts and network, this results in our being a very viable channel of distribution for your goods and services. Moreover, there is the great opportunity for participating in the education of tomorrow’s future business leaders and entrepreneurs.

In addition to classroom activities, the curriculum provides opportunities for learning about civic responsibilities, participating in community service projects, and interfacing on real issues within the business community. Students are encouraged to participate in a challenging and comprehensive competition in five major enterprising arenas and 60 project areas. A listing of competitive events can be found by using the titled tab on left margin. All donations are awarded deserving students and chapters in the form of scholarships and stipends. Corporate and sponsorship support through our “Friends of Georgia” program, assure completion of our mission


Georgia DECA Foundation Mission

The GEORGIA DECA FOUNDATION supports GEORGIA DECA and its membership while promoting direct involvement of the business community who partner in the education, personal development, and vocational guidance of the individual student. We award scholarships to the deserving, recognize personal achievement, providefinancial assistance to the under-served, and create opportunities for emerging leaders in marketing, management, finance, hospitality, and entrepreneurship.

Partners Linking Learning to Life

Why Be a Partner?

  • Support Georgia DECA members in identifying and mentoring future career paths.
  • Provide guidance for the development of leadership, creative thinking, and interpersonal skills.
  • Share basics of goal orientation, teamwork, consensus building, and vision for results.
  • Reinforce a greater understanding of the free enterprise system and global economics.

Opportunities for Involvement

  • Sponsor one arena area or one of the 60 competitive events.
  • Sponsor a Georgia DECA meeting or event.
  • Sponsor a scholarship or stipend award.
  • Sponsor Chapter Awards.
  • Mentor student on-site learning experiences in the class room and at your place of business.
  • Gifts to the ASPIRE Fund.