Georgia DECA Foundation Mission

The GEORGIA DECA FOUNDATION supports GEORGIA DECA and its membership while promoting direct involvement of the business community who partner in the education, personal development, and vocational guidance of the individual student. We award scholarships to the deserving, recognize personal achievement, providefinancial assistance to the under-served, and create opportunities for emerging leaders in marketing, management, finance, hospitality, and entrepreneurship.

Who Is the Georgia DECA Foundation?

Georgia DECA is a state chapter of DECA Inc., an international student career organization of 227,000 members around the globe. Last school year, its membership was 15360 students (2nd largest high school chapter in the world) and this year, it will exceed that number. Considering one’s personal contacts and network, this results in a very viable channel of distribution for your goods and services.

The Foundation is an independent 501C3 entity which fundraises for the benefit of Georgia DECA students and advisors, and its distributions do not support the daily operations of Georgia DECA.

Students are encouraged to participate in challenging and comprehensive competitions which can be seen in the Competitive Events.

Corporate sponsorship support through our “Partners” program, assure completion of our mission.

Georgia DECA Foundation Scholarships Application

Online Application

Here is the checklist for the application. This checklist is at the start of the application process as well.

  • Application Form

  • Cover Letter/Letter of Introduction - must be a PDF to upload to the form

    Please include a cover letter to introduce yourself and explain your specific education objective and actions taken or planned to accomplish this. Please limit it to 1 page in length. This letter should be addressed to the scholarship committee and SIGNED by the applicant.

  • Resume - must be a PDF to upload to the form

    Please attach an updated resume. Please include DECA Activities and other school and community activities as well.

  • Statement of Financial Need - must be a PDF to upload to the form

    Students must write a letter detailing specific circumstances affecting their need for financial assistance for college. The parent(s)/guardian(s) must SIGN the statement.

  • Transcripts - must be a PDF to upload to the form

    Include an official transcript with an explanation of terms and scale. The transcript must include final grades from the end of the student's Junior/11th Grade year or later if available. Please have the School Counselor SIGN the Official Transcript and include the current year's schedule.

  • Reference Letters - must be a PDF to upload to the form

    1. SIGNED Business Reference/Letter from Employer (If never employed, select a Business Professional).

    2. SIGNED DECA Advisor Recommendation Letter.

    3. SIGNED Character Reference (can be from a teacher, guidance counselor, church sponsor, coach)

GaDECA 2023 - 24 Executive Officer Team

Georgia DECA 2023-24 State Executive Team
Looking Forward To Working With You

Partners Linking Learning to Life

Why Be a Partner?

  • Support Georgia DECA members needing financial assistance and assist in mentoring future career paths.
  • Provide guidance for the development of student leadership, creative thinking, and interpersonal skills.
  • Reinforce student education of goal orientation, teamwork, consensus building, and vision for results.
  • Enhance student greater understanding of the free enterprise system and global economics

Opportunities for Involvement

  • Donate to ASPIRE FUND for student scholarships, stipends, and awards.
  • Sponsor a competition segment or one of 60 competitive events.
  • Sponsor a Georgia DECA meeting or event.
  • Mentor student on-site learning experiences in the class room and at your place of business…a potential future employee opportunity.